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About us

The Driver Exchange is the first of its kind...

...a recruitment platform for Drivers, Hirers and Agencies, offering new levels of connectivity, transparency and efficiency.

Our inspiration comes from years spent running a logistics recruitment business, experiencing the highs, lows and frustrations of such an operationally intensive industry, where every second matters and every late delivery has repercussions. Our goal is to make every user’s working life easier, more productive, and if we have something to say about it, more profitable, through the practical use of technology. We want to make sure that technology is used for things that technology is good at (routine tasks, calculations, data handling) and allow people the freedom to focus on what they’re good at (for our users that’s driving, management and relationships).

We have some simple watch words:

  1. Efficiency – in our industry efficiency is key, not only to help things run more smoothly, but also to free up precious margin.
  2. Transparency – we want to make everything clear to everyone, remove the doubt, the suspicion and the headache.
  3. Connectivity – technology can connect us to each other in ways that we couldn’t before.
  4. Simplicity – we’ve always thought that our industry is a simple one made complex by inefficient processes. We want to change that.
  5. Control – we want to give our users control so that they decide what they want to do and don’t feel like they’re beholden to someone else higher up the chain.

So, if you want part of this, join the revolution.