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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I pay to use the DX?
If you are contracting directly with your Drivers through the DX, and not using an Agency, then the DX will charge you a small, fixed, 50 pence per hour fee for every hour that is billed by your Drivers through the system. You will also be charged for SMS message sent to your drivers at a rate of 3 pence per message.
How do I add a site to my company profile?
Hover over your name, and then your Settings. Click Site Locations, then use the + Add a site button, and complete the fields. You can also Edit and Delete sites.
How do I post a shift?
If you are using the DX to work directly with Drivers then you can post the shifts you want filled easily. First you'll need to set up a Shift template, with all of your requirements on, you can find out how to do that here.
Then you just need to go to post shifts under plan, add the start times and Shift Template of the shifts you want to post. You can also use this to post shifts in the past if a driver forgot or was unable to book on a shift.
How do I select a Driver for a shift?
If you are using the DX to work directly with Drivers and not work through an Agency then the DX works by matching suitably qualified and eligible Drivers to the shifts you post.

In the Shift template that you create, you will set out exactly the type of Driver and criteria required (such as number of points on their licence, category of licence held, experience required and so on). The DX will only allow those Drivers who match these criteria to apply for your shift.  You can deselect a Driver if you are not satisfied.

If you need a driver or drivers to work specific shifts then you can choose to make that shift visible only to those drivers using the "change visibility" option.
How do I get in contact with a Driver?
If you click the driver’s name on the shift you will see the shift detail page. On the left hand side you can see the driver’s contact details. Alternatively you can send a message through the DX messaging system, which is also available on the shift detail page. At certain sites this will include sending an SMS.
How do I manage Drivers currently on a shift?
Go to the Attendance tab where you will have access to the shift timer.  Here you are able to start and stop shifts, account for unplanned breaks, other expenses, and nights out. You can also find late starting and long running shifts here.
How do I start and stop shifts?
To start a shift, find the relevant shift on the Attendance page and click the start button. You can also have a shift start at a booked time if you do not want it to start too early. To stop a shift, find the relevant shift in the page and click the stop button. When you stop a shift, it will give you the option to factor in a night out.
I’ve forgotten to start/stop a shift, or I’ve accidentally stopped a shift
If you’ve forgotten to start a shift: start the shift, then go into the shift, and change the start time by double-clicking on it and entering the correct time.
If you’ve forgotten to stop a shift, stop it in the Attendance tab and click "edit" next to the stop time. From here you'll be able to change the stop time to the correct one. If you’ve accidentally stopped a shift, hover over the stop time and press the small ‘x’ that appears in the top right corner. This will reset the timer.
How do I approve shifts?
Hover over the Finance tab, and then click Shifts to be approved. To approve a shift for payment, select one or more shifts using the checkbox (or the "select all" checkbox for all shifts) and click the approve button.
If you want to see more information on the shift, you can click on it to expand it and it will show charges, pay and and expenses as well as start and stop times.
What happens if I forget to approve a shift?
Don't worry.  If you forget to approve a shift, it will automatically be approved by midnight Monday of the week following the week during which the shift was worked.
We do recommend that you approve shifts on a daily basis, usually in the morning following the shift.  This will mean that there is no last minute rush and potential to forget. It also means that you can make sure that the times worked are corect and there are no invalid expenses being claimed
Where can I see a report of the money I've spent on Drivers?
Select the Reports tab and choose the type and period of the report you want from the list and using the filters provided.
When do I pay the Drivers I use?
If you are contracting with your Drivers directly through the DX, without an Agency, then you will need to pay your Driver (through the DX) by the Monday of the second week following the week in which the shift or shifts were worked.
If you are using an Agency to source your Drivers, then you will need to follow whatever are your agreed payment terms.
Can my agency use the Driver Exchange?
Yes they can. If you want your Agency (or you are an Agency) to use the DX getting started is really simple. All you need to do in the first instance is call one of our representatives on 020 3322 3534 or email us on support@driverexchange.co.uk.
Does the Driver Exchange provide Driver's Negligence insurance?
No, we don't. Any driver working for you through the DX is contracted directly to you, as a result they will need to be covered by your fleet insurance. As the DX can generate per hourly savings against typical agency prices, you can choose to set aside some of this saving to cover these sorts of costs if they arise.
I need help but can't find it on the website
Either use the blue support button, found in the bottom-right corner of every DX screen, and send us a message with your question, or email us at support@driverexchange.co.uk
Failing that give us a call on 020 3322 3534