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See your timesheets

When you log into your account, you will see various tabs at the top of the page, one of which is Timesheets. If you click on this you will see a summary of your work on a weekly basis, including: the week’s number and start and end dates, the delivery organisation and site, the role, which days you worked, how many shifts, and the money you earned for that week. You can filter your view either by Client or by date by selecting from the drop down options in the top right of the Timesheet display.

Timesheet history

If you click on an individual week, you can see it in even more detail. As well as providing you with the above information it also shows you the specific details of each shift, including the hourly rate, the shift’s duration, and adjustments. You can also download this information as a .CSV file by clicking on the button. You can then save this onto your computer.

Timesheet history

If you are VAT registered and have entered your VAT number into the DX, the DX will calculate your VAT for you. However, the amount will not appear on your timesheet, but will appear on your invoice. You can see or download a pdf of your invoice from the timesheet page once all your shifts have been approved for that week.