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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I validate a new Driver?
You can validate a new Driver from the Managed drivers page.  All you need to do is find the Driver's profile and, when you are happy with it, click on the "Validate" button at each of the sections of the profile (such as Driving licences, Experience and so on).  The DX will save this validation and the name of the person who validated the profile as an audit trail for future reference.
On DX, how can I distinguish between direct and Agency drivers?
If a DX direct worker has contacted an Agency site (i.e. sent an assessment request, or a message via site enquiry inbox tab, etc), he will be visible to you.
Their profile will be a read-only version, and you won’t be able to access the uploaded documents. When needed, the DX team can unlock the profile of a direct driver for Agency. The driver will also have (DX direct) next their name if they have access to the marketplace. Driver template page
How do I start and stop shifts?
To start a shift, find the relevant shift on the Attendance page and click the start button. You can also have a shift start at a booked time if you do not want it to start too early. To stop a shift, find the relevant shift in the page and click the stop button. When you stop a shift, it will give you the option to factor in a night out.
How do I find a Driver's profile?
Go to the Managed Drivers page and enter the Driver's first name or last name in the search box on the left hand side.  If you don't see it straight away, make sure that you have spelled it correctly.
How can I see if a Driver is eligible for a shift?
Find the Driver's profile by going to the Driver tab and going through the list or searching for their name, then click on them. You will then be able to see what they are qualified for, and if they have been validated. If a Driver is ineligible, the DX will tell you why.
How do I book a driver onto a shift?
You need to go to the "Shifts" page and select "Shift allocation".  From here you will be able to add start times, either manually or as a cut and paste from another document such as an email or spreadsheet.  You can then match these to the driver you want to use, and save.  The shift and Driver will then appear in the "Attendance" screen for that day.
I can’t book a Driver for a shift
Check to see if the driver has been validated by going onto their profile.  You will be able to see if something is preventing a driver from working at a site. This might be because the driver is ineligible, or is not linked to a Pay Schedule.
How do I post a direct shift?
If you are using the DX to work directly with Drivers then you can post the shifts you want filled easily. First you'll need to set up a Direct Shift template, with all of your requirements on, you can find out how to do that here.
Once you have set up the shift template, please contact Support so we can add in your margin (a DX margin is automatically taken from the charge rate).
Then you just need to go to post shifts under plan, add the start times and Shift Template of the shifts you want to post. You can also use this to post shifts in the past if a driver forgot or was unable to book on a shift.
How do I manage Drivers currently on a shift?
Go to the Attendance tab where you will have access to the shift timer.  Here you are able to start and stop shifts, account for unplanned breaks, other expenses, and nights out. You can also find late starting and long running shifts here.
How do I swap a Driver booked on a shift?
Firstly, deallocate the driver ASAP in the Attendance screen. Click on the shift and you will see the details of the shift and a Deallocate button in the top right corner.  Then go to the Shift Allocation screen, and reallocate the shift to a new driver. If you do this before the shift starts it will let you re-allocate the shift.
How do I get in contact with a Driver?
If you click the driver’s name on the shift you will see the shift detail page. On the left hand side you can see the driver’s contact details.  Alternatively you can send a message through the DX messaging system, which is also available on the shift detail page.  At certain sites this will include sending an SMS.
How do I submit a shift to a Hirer?
If you are an Agency user, hover over the Finance tab, and then click Unsubmitted shifts. To submit a shift for payment approval, select one or more shifts using the checkboxes (or the "select all" checkbox for all shifts) and click the submit button.
How do I add a site to my clients profile?
Hover over your name, and then your Settings. Click Manage your clients, then click on sites, select the client, then add new site and enter the information. You can also Edit sites.
How do I add a user to my clients profile?
Hover over your name, and then your Settings. Click Manage your clients, then click on users, select the client, then add new user and enter the information. You can also Edit users.
How do I create invoices for my Drivers?
The DX allows self-billing, which means that you can create invoices for your Drivers who operate limited companies, whether you are a Hirer working directly with the Driver or an Agency user.  All you have to do is go to the Finance screen, select "Invoices" on the left hand side for the period you want, choose the invoices you want to create and click the "Create invoices" button.  You can also download them either singly or in a group.