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Want to get the best out of your teams?

DX Workforce is used by leading operators and agencies to:

  • Schedule their perm or freelance workforce
  • Approve timesheets and costings quickly and simply
  • Monitor spend in real time and highlight overspend

What is DX Workforce?

DX Workforce is a cloud-based vendor and workforce management app.

Our vendor management tools help you manage all of your agencies in one place, monitor performance and highlight overspend.

You can also use our workforce management app to plan, manage and pay your teams quickly and easily.

Our technology automates many of the tasks usually handled by your operations teams, from scheduling workers and communicating bookings, approving timesheets and invoicing, and tracking individual and group performance.

We give you with a single view of your workforce activity and spend, getting rid of complicated spreadsheets and saving your teams time and effort.

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How does it work?

Vendor Management

  1. Manage all of your agencies in one place.
  2. Track the performance of your agencies and their teams using our dashboard and reports.
  3. Manage your agency spend in real time and highlight areas of overspend.
  4. Monitor worker compliance and improve health and safety.

Workforce Management

  1. Plan your workforce with our scheduler and save time.
  2. Communicate bookings to your teams instantly with our mobile and web app.
  3. Approve timesheets and costings quickly and easily. No more custom spreadsheets and lengthy reconciliations.
  4. Integrate your operation with your end-client and identify shared cost savings.
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