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The DX Direct is rolling out…

Posted on the 11th September 2013

The DX Direct is now being rolled out in Bristol and the South West, which means Drivers will soon be able to apply for shifts in these areas, and work directly with clients. After the system has settled in Bristol and the...
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We’re live at sites in the North East and Midlands

Posted on the 10th March 2013

The DX has already snuck into a handful of Milestone sites. Want to know a bit about them? The sites are in Whitwood in West Yorkshire, in Bawtry just outside Doncaster and, at Crick in Northamptonshire. So far so good....
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We’ve almost completed our brand new website

Posted on the 9th March 2013

Our brand new website is almost completed. At the moment, we just have a simple holding page. Whilst I can’t release any pictures of the website, I can tell you a bit about it. Oh, the suspense… The website will highlight the...
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We’re rolling out!

Posted on the 8th March 2013

Roll out is in full swing, and we are extremely busy here in the office. Both Team DX and Team Milestone (our first agency customer) are working tirelessly to get everything done in a professional and timely fashion. Part of this...
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The DX team is growing!

Posted on the 7th March 2013

Great news, everyone. We recently hired two new DX team members to help roll the system out as smoothly as possible. It also means that you guys, the Drivers and Hirers, have even more people to speak to if you have any questions. We promise...
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It’s a brand new way of working

Posted on the 6th March 2013

The DX is a revolution. Join it. There is a lot of painful, tedious administration when working as a professional driver, or when you are hiring professional drivers. The DX automates these processes. Here are some of the standout...
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The concept: where we came from...

Posted on the 5th March 2013

It’s simple: the Driver Exchange (DX) was created to make our lives easier. The founders of our company, industry professionals who also happen to be into technology, had always thought that the way that drivers, agencies, and hirers worked...
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