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DX has moved

Posted on the 17th December 2014

Last Friday we packed up our laptops and made our way to our new office in Goodge Street, it wasn't much of a trek with a 15 minute walk from the original building. Along the way we sought out new venues for lunch - which is...
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Meet the team: Part 2

Posted on the 11th December 2014

Meet the faces behind the phones Welcome to part dos of meeting the DX team. We are gradually making our way through the team to share more information about ourselves. Following on from part 1 we are all answering the same three short questions...
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Driverless Cars Coming to the UK!

Posted on the 8th December 2014

As of January 2015 driverless cars will be on UK's public roads. Already tested in multiple US states driverless car trials are making their way to UK cities such as London, Coventry, Bristol and Milton Keynes. We have already seen a...
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Shiny and New!

Posted on the 28th November 2014

We have released a brand new home screen; out with the old "Dashboard" and in with the new "Inbox". A brand new and simpler way to manage and communicate with drivers! DX is constantly adapting to make...
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Meet the team: Part 1

Posted on the 4th November 2014

Meet the faces behind the phones! We thought it's about time to introduce the team - so we've asked everyone to answer three short questions... How would you describe your role at the Driver Exchange? Why the Driver Exchange? ...
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Setting your availability

Posted on the 27th June 2014

We’ve just launched a brilliant new feature on the DX.... Availability (or rather Unavailability!). You can now set when you're not available using the work calendar on your DX dashboard. If you work via an...
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We've made it even simpler with Auto-Apply

Posted on the 6th June 2014

We've recently launched a new feature on the DX: Auto-Apply.  The idea with Auto-Apply is that you can tell the DX the type of shift you'd like to apply for, and if a matching shift gets posted the system will try and book you onto...
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Once upon a time there was 1, now there are 13...

Posted on the 21st May 2014

That's right.  From nothing, nada, zip, we got one live site, and now a few months later we have thirteen.  To say we've been busy is an understatement.  That's thirteen sites running the DX Direct: where Drivers work directly for Hirers...
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A system for everyone

Posted on the 11th March 2014

The DX was built with multiple things in mind, but one of which was hugely important to us was to make people’s lives easier. I know, we keep going on about it, but it’s true. For Drivers, the system has a number of intuitive...
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Recommend us to your friends

Posted on the 18th November 2013

If you’ve signed up to the DX, you’re now a part of the family. And as a family, we should always aim to help each other out. On our end, we hope we’re doing that by providing you with a fantastic service that streamlines the...
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