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More than 12,000 drivers have signed up to the Driver Exchange...

Posted on the 12th February 2016

We've topped 12,000 professional drivers! In fact, as I type this 12,315 professional drivers have signed up to the Driver Exchange job marketplace and more are joining us every day. (Those are all the blue dots in the map above!)

But the work doesn't stop there. Now we need as many distributors, transport operators, haulage companies, own account hauliers and so on to get all these 12,315 drivers into the jobs they want (working at rates that are great but that also mean savings for the Hirer).

We'd love any thoughts from anyone on how we might do this, who might be interested and any other helpful hints, so we can really get the message out there.

If you're interested in finding out more about the Driver Exchange then have a look at our website by clicking here.