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Woodall uses the DX to fill their temp driver shortage

Posted on the 13th November 2015

Woodall uses the DX to fill their temp driver shortage

Woodall Group has used the DX to help fill its temp driver shortage. Back in 2014 Woodall started to struggle finding drivers, particularly in the run up to Christmas. Rebecca Stilgoe, HR Manager at Woodall, said: “There was a 50% drop in permanent applications for HGV positions compared to the same period in 2013. What’s more, the drivers who were applying tended not to meet our requirements.”

Who are Woodall Group?

Woodall are a family run haulier with a rich 70 year history, operating out of Coleshill, Warwickshire and Tamworth, Staffordshire. The company employs 24 drivers and typically uses 3-4 temp drivers for cover.

Getting started on the Driver Exchange

When Rebecca approached the DX, the team helped her complete a company profile over the phone in about 10 minutes. As a result of the DX’s flat 50p per hour marketplace fee, she was able to offer a more competitive driver rate than she would usually and still save money against the normal agency cost.

Filling shifts

Once Woodall completed their profile and posted shifts, the work became visible to almost 1000 registered drivers within 20 miles of the site. A number of drivers quickly expressed an interest in the work. After they had been vetted by the DX, the drivers applied for shifts online, and dropped by the Transport Office for document checks and an induction.

Timesheets and getting drivers paid

Now, when the drivers arrive on site to work their shifts, one of the team simply clicks to “start” the shift on the DX web app, and when the driver returns, clicks to “stop” the shift. At the end of each week, the DX builds drivers’ timesheets automatically based on the start and stop times of the shifts.

The DX calculates the value of the shift, and makes the same information available to both Woodall and the driver. At the end of the week the DX sends a statement to Woodall Group which provides a single amount to pay, along with all the driver invoices. Woodall then makes a single payment into a “client” account, and the DX distributes payment to the drivers.

Next steps

Woodall has built their own pool of 10-15 DX drivers ready to help the site each week and no longer feel the need to go out to offline agencies.

Rebecca says: “With the DX we now have the right quality of drivers when we want.”

If you want to find out more about the Driver Exchange, please visit our website.